Bixby Creek Bridge

Bixby Creek Bridge in Big Sur

Bixby Creek Bridge is the most famous bridge located on Highway Number One in Big Sur, California.

It is believed that this is the most beautiful bridge in the area, and one of the most beautiful on the planet. Over one million tourists stop here every year, and photographers from around the world come to enjoy the magnificent views.

Bixby Creek Bridge is a marvel of construction, but it also has symbolic significance. The bridge is part of the first highway built in Big Sur, which is a binding site with wild beauty and enables tourists to arrive in the area.

Bixby Creek Bridge in Big Sur

Since construction of the highway caused residents to protest the government, who were concerned that the beauty of Big Sur will be ruined by the flow of tourists, the area Bixby Creek Bridge today is part of several projects for environmental protection.

The bridge itself is very beautiful, because of its exquisite and at the same time extremely stable arcs and the view from it is simply unforgettable.

The beauty of the California coast, dotted with purple mountains is visible from the bridge beautifully. Many tourists consider travel on highway number one and the passage of Bixby Creek Bridge travel similar to a passage of the Pilgrims.

Before construction of the road bridge, which is now a highway, it was the only way you could get to Big Sur. After years of engineering studies of the V-shaped canyon with a depth of over one hundred feet, came the conclusion that they should dig a tunnel and build a bridge from the river mouth.

Another option was to build a very high bridge with magnificent views. After much argument, the second plan was accepted and a handsome bridge was built, in the art deco style.

The bridge was completed on October 15, 1932, and it would take another five years for the highway to be finished.

For the construction of the bridge were used huge amounts of materials - cement amounted to 45, 000 bags. The decision to build a concrete bridge was dictated by the fact that it cost less than building a metal bridge. Moreover, it was provided that the metal bridge will eventually be covered with rust and make for ugly scenery.

To elevate the materials cables longer than three hundred feet were used. One of the biggest difficulties was erecting the scaffolding for the arches, which are difficult to pass along, due to the strong winds.

The foundations have to resist the waves that are splashing in them sometimes. Today there is an incredible structure known as the Bixby Bridge, shortened version of the Bixby Creek.

Bixby is actually the name of the cousin of James K. Polk, who was Charles Henry Bixby, one of the earliest settlers in the area. He arrived in the region in 1868.

Sometimes the bridge is called the Milll Bridge, because Charles Bixby had a mill near the bridge. The name is often used to describe the local beauty.

Bixby Creek Bridge is known as the Rainbow Bridge from the name of the nearby Rainbow Lodge, which was built in 1919 in the canyon, in order to attract tourists.

In 1930 the owners sold part of the land for the construction of the highway. Of the five bridges on the highway, Bixby Creek remains the most attractive.

In 2010 was released a postage stamp with the Bixby Creek Bridge, which is one of the most famous sights of California, which combines the beauty of nature with the achievements of human genius.



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