Milford Sound

Milford Bay

Milford Sound fjord is one of the most impressive natural sights of New Zealand. It is located southwest of the South Island of New Zealand and falls within the Fiordland National Park.

Milford Sound is a 15 km piece of land to the Tasman Sea and is surrounded by high cliffs that rise over 1200 meters on each side. The peak of the overall impressiveness of this natural phenomenon is Mitre Peak, which rises to 1692 meters above the Strait.

Not to be missed is elephant peak (at 1517 m) and Lion Mountain, which reaches 1302 m and reaches the form of a lion. Surrounding rocks are covered with dense rain forests and in the waters below them we can see seals, penguins and dolphins.

Mitre Peak is remarkable in the surrounding landscape with its almost vertical strut. It is considered emblematic of the South Island of New Zealand and is located in the southwestern part. This is one of the most photographed peaks here.

Milford Sound and Mitre Peak

Mitre is called a mountain. In fact it is composed of closely grouped five peaks. Mitre Peak’s panorama, however, creates the illusion of a high point of the mountain.

It is assumed that Mitre Peak got its name after the passage of exploratory vessel HMS Acheron in 1851. When viewed from the south side, Mitre just reminds of a miter head, usually worn by Christian bishops. The most easy access to the summit is in the western slopes of the Sinbad Valley.

Mitre Peak open spectacular views from the hotel Milford, which hosts many tourists in the area. The whole area along with Mitre is included in the list of World Heritage sites by UNESCO in 1986.

Milford Sound

The organization qualifies the area as "an outstanding example of the evolutionary history of the Earth" and it includes a list in recognition of "superior natural phenomenon" that it is.

Milford Sound was described by Rudyard Kipling as the eighth wonder of the world. You would not disagree with this view, when you see the impact of Mitre Peak in the crystal clear water.

Required for tourists here is a cruise, which allows you to see most of the beauty of this natural area. Tourist boats run throughout the year, because in Milford Sound, this is the best way to examine the natural diversity.



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