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St. Anton Church, Bucharest

Church of St. Anton in Bucharest

The church of St. Anton is located in the Romanian capital Bucharest. This is a magnificent building, which is a place of pilgrimage for people from around the world. Patron of the church is St. Anthony, who is patron of children and protects them from diseases.

It is believed that this is the oldest building in Bucharest. It was founded during the reign of Prince Mircea Ciobanul in the fifties of the sixteenth century.

In the sixties of the sixteenth century there was a court of chieftains gathered. The church was finished in several decades. It has suffered in 1611 when it was destroyed by fire.

Medieval St. Anton Church in Bucharest

Of its recovery has taken care Matei Basarab. Then it was again destroyed by the invading Turks, but was again restored. In 1660 the church was restored by Grigore Ghica and in 1673 it was reconstructed by Gheorghe Duca.

The beautiful tower of St. Anton’s Church was erected in the reign of Grigore Ghica. Changes and reconstruction of the church were made during the reign of Constantin Mavrocordat and Nicolae Mavrocordat in the eighteenth century. In the nineteenth century, the church was severely damaged by earthquake and fire.

In the early twentieth century a number of restorations of the church took place. The church has four arched niches in the walls. The church has frescoes in the neoclassical style, painted in 1852. The frescoes of the tower were made in 1935.



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