Ramparts in Taroudant

In western part of the High Atlas Mountains is the Moroccan city Taroudant. This southern city sands is often visited by tourists who have taken a day trip from Agadir to the Sahara desert. The surrounding area often feels sirocco sandstorms.

From the resort town of Agadir, famous hotels and dozens of its beautiful places, the path to Taroudant is about 85 km. to the east. The small distance to the foot of the High Atlas is traveled almost imperceptibly, but if you need to get here from Marrakech you will need more patience because the distance is 223 kilometers. The area around the river in Sousse has hundreds of palm trees, from which you can safely eat dates.

Taroudant is a small market town with some surviving for centuries craft traditions in jewelry and especially carpets. Taroudant is called "grandmother Marrakech" because the urban fortification walls are similar. Unlike Marrakech, however, almost the whole city here fits into the inner area of the outside walls.

Recently, however, a new area developed outside the city walls. The new district is formed around the huge building of the faculty of the University of Ibn Zohr Agadir.


One of the attractions here is a large mosque with incredibly beautiful minarets built by Sheikh Mohammed, who built the city walls in 1528.

This place is known for its collection of old Arabic manuscripts on leather sheets, written in golden letters.

The markets in Taroudant will enchant you. They are everywhere, because trade in this place existed for centuries, since the town is situated on an old caravan route.

Most of these places are very old , but a newly formed market is around the campus. You can buy beautiful jewelry, rugs, carpets, ceramics, copper and iron vessels, as well as various leather goods.

This is also a paradise for spices. Be sure to walk around the town of Taroudant at night and sit somewhere for dinner here because the food is really superb.



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