Grossglockner is the highest mountain in the Alps and the highest mountain in Austria. Grossglockner mountain is located within the National Park Hohe Tauern, which is the second largest national park in Europe. Furthermore Grossglockner, in Hohe Tauern National Park are the largest glaciers and the highest peaks in Austria.

Grossglockner rises to a height of 3798 meters. Near Grossglockner is the city Heiligenblut. Near the city there are many ski tracks that stretch for more than fifty-five kilometers. The skiing area is served by thirteen lifts. For young skiers runs a special children's lift. The ski season runs from mid-November to early April.

Heiligenblut has a narrow strip of houses, which seem to be clinging to the steep western slopes of the valley at the foot of the Grossglockner. The city is famous for its church, which was built for the preservation of the container in which there is a drop of blood of Christ. The very name of the city translates as Holy Blood. This blood in the old court was brought by a monk who was killed by an avalanche while attempting to pass through the Alps. Today the sacred relic around which are designed a number of legends, is located in the Gothic vault of the church, near the impressive altar set up in the sixteenth century.

Near the church is located the Park Information Office of Hohe Tauern, where tourists can learn more about Mount Grossglockner. Information Service operate a small museum. Northeast of the city Heiligenblut are several ski runs with an average level of difficulty, which descend from the mountain Schareck, while to the east stretch of alpine meadows Fleisalm.

Grossglockner in National Park Hohe Tauern

The famous scenic road Grossglockner, which is often shot by photographers from around the world as is winds through the Alps beautifully, is considered one of the most beautiful road routes across the country.

Nearby is an airport located six kilometers from the city of Heiligenblut.

Mount Grossglockner is a serious challenge for lovers of mountaineering, but you must have the necessary serious preparations to tackle the slopes. Lovers of cabin lifts can take advantage of their services during the summer months when the ski season is over too.

Grossglockner is shaped like a pyramid. It is located behind a little more modest in size mountain- Kleinglockner, which rises to 3770 m altitude. The two mountains are separated by a band-shaped saddle, which is known as Glocknerscharte.

The first conquest of Mount Grossglockner by climbers had happened back in 1800, and subsequent expeditions have not always managed to overcome the top successfully. The area known as Pallavicini is named after Alfred Margreyv Pallavicini who failed to conquer the summit of the mountain and died in 1886.

From 1918 onwards Grossglockner and the glacier Pasterze are owned by the Austrian Alpine Association.

Traveling to Grossglockner promises unforgettable experiences for tourists and for climbers who dare to try to conquer it- there is an unforgettable view from the peak.



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