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Hohe Tauern National Park

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Hohe Tauern National Park

National Park Hohe Tauern is located in the Austrian Alps and covers an area of 1800 square kilometers. This makes it the second largest national park in Europe. Within the park are the highest peaks of Austria, the largest glaciers, beautiful alpine meadows with flowers and picturesque waterfalls.

The area where the park is located was formed during the Ice Age. The park is home to the highest mountain in the country - Grossglockner, which rises to a height of 3798 meters.

Hohe Tauern National Park, Austria

Hohe Tauern National Park, is known as a piece of paradise in the heart of the Alps and the largest Austrian reserve. It was created in 1981 and was the first national park in Austria. The Glaciers in the park cover an area of eighty square kilometers and climbing enthusiasts can enjoy climbing over three hundred mountains. Within the park are breathtaking and beautiful lakes and rivers and unique wildlife. The park is attractive to tourists who seek adventure, but also for people who want to enjoy an unforgettable holiday in the nature of the Alps.

Every visitor to the park has the opportunity to enjoy magnificent views of the romantic valleys with ancient villages and experience unforgettable moments in the wild. Under the professional supervision of the rangers in the park visitors can make real research after the glaciers and take on exciting mountain climbing hills, to understand more about the way the residents - different types of deer and birds- live in the park.

The culminating point of visiting the park may be the conquest of Mount Grossglockner. Once you reach the top of it, you are rewarded handsomely for your efforts, to reach the top - before you opens an extremely beautiful view of the countryside and near the Grossglockner is located a ten kilometer Glacier that impresses with its beauty and greatness.

Mountain Range in Hoe Tauern

The area in which the Hohe Tauern park is, was designed to load people who are in the wild with positive energy. The park is far from a mass tourism spot, despite the large amount of people who are attracted to it worldwide. The power of the landscape of Tirol has a unique impact on people, especially those who live under the influence of the hectic pace of life and are constantly under stress.

Hohe Tauern National Park, which extends the territory of Tirol, Salzburg and Carinthia, provides tourists with the opportunity to enjoy a truly amazing experience. The park is home to many animal species, including various types of marmots and some animals that are protected by law because they are rare.

Tourists have the opportunity to reach places that offer unique alpine scenery, in a convenient way to. In the higher part of the park, you can use a telescope to be see mountain goats and marmots in their natural environment, ad witness the undisturbed enjoyment of life in the alpine area.

In this area winter lasts a long time. The plants during the alpine summer offset the whiteness of the snow with bright colors. Among the warm rocky plateaus can be seen bearded vultures. The area is also famous for its alpine pastures where cattle graze.



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