Space Center Houston

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Space Center Houston, Texas

Space Center Houston is known to many people especially from the movies, where one often hears: "Houston, we have a problem! ".

Space Center Houston is the official visitor center for NASA's Johnson Space Center and is the only place in the world where guests can enjoy the journey in space and follow the adventures of humans in space.

Space Center Houston offers a wide variety of permanent exhibits, attractions and theaters. Each year, it attracts millions of visitors from around the world.

There are also temporary exhibitions that reflect the journey of certain astronauts, plus visitors can also enjoy special events.

Among the permanent exhibitions in the Blast- Off Exhibition. It is an amazing multimedia sensory experience. Visitors hear the dramatic sounds and watch the space shuttle fly into space.

Another permanent exhibition is "Living in Space". It represents a new type of exhibition in which visitors can test their skills to land the space shuttle or attempt to do something else, thanks to the amazing interactive simulators.

Visitors can explore the details of the life of astronauts during their space odyssey. A visitor to the center can see how astronauts bathe, sleep and cook their food in conditions of weightlessness.

The Astronaut Gallery offers visitors a chance to understand the details of the first U.S. flight to space and see a wall with portraits of all American astronauts in space.

Guests of Space Center Houston can be see for themselves how the connection between Earth and astronauts in space is made.

The Martian Matrix is one of the favorite children's entertainment areas in the Houston Space Center. This is a children's playground dedicated to space. Here each child can feel like a real astronaut, determined to discover new planets and civilizations.

Interactive games provide opportunities for children to experience the incredible thrill of building a rocket, participating in the launch of a shuttle and jumping over the moon.

The Starship Gallery offers interesting facts about space exploration. The gallery contains valuable artifacts and equipment.

Visitors can look at the moon through a telescope and see pictures from space. Space Center Houston is a study of the history of the cosmos.

Here you will find all the answers about space. The unique attraction of the center is a tram that travels among the interesting places.

You can see stones brought back from the moon, astronaut costumes, and rocket capsules, which astronauts have landed after space flights.

The Space Center has an interesting history. All the interesting factors of space had to be shown to the public, but no suitable place existed.

Then NASA Space Center created the Manned Space Flight Education Foundation. This is a non-profit organization. To build the attraction, experts were called from Disney, who helped to make this center truly unique.

The center has an antigravity room in which you can be placed in conditions of weightlessness and see how astronauts feel.

Everyone, regardless of gender and age, at least as a child has wanted to become an astronaut and explore previously undiscovered planets. Houston Space Center allows visitors to understand what is like to be an astronaut.



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