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Agrigento is another antique treasure, located in the territory of Italy. Today it is a modern city that is unique as it keeps the ancient monuments, which testify to the power of bygone empires in these lands.

Agrigento is primarily known to the valley of the temples, where they keep the monuments of Roman, Greek and Punic times and is located on the southern coast of Sicily.

Temple in Agrigento

Te archaeological sites in Agrigento can be reached by bus, car or train, and during the summer months there is an option to travel with the local port by boat or ship. The best time of year is when you can make the most of the surrounding area which is in the spring. During this season the almond trees in the orchards flourish in the district and give a unique atmosphere of Agrigento.

Agrigento is developing as a modern city just a few kilometers from the Valley of the Temples, which is added to the list of World Heritage by UNESCO. The temples around the city are devoted to Greek and Roman gods and are named after Juno, Concordia, Jupiter, Hercules and many more of which are legendary.

Himself Agrigento is the successor of the ancient Akragas. This is the city's largest Greek colony Akragant, which was founded around 582 BC. The Greek poet Pindar writes: "This is the most beautiful city that people can build ...". In Akragas, the famous Greek philosopher Empedocles was born (490-430 BC).

Across the old town it has streets, homes, cemeteries, ruins of the Auditorium and the small theater. The most extensive temple in Agrigento is one of Jupiter's Olympics. It was built in 480 BC in honor of the military victory. Unfortunately, its condition today is not good and only a very small proportion survived. Some time ago a strong earthquake collapsed a large part of this building.

The temple of the agreement is another landmark in the archaeological complex however the original name is unknown. Built around 450 BC today it is in very good condition, although the roof was missing. This is largely due to the fact that during the 6th century the building was converted into a Christian church.

Such a form of consent of the Temple is the Temple of Jupiter. It was built around 440 BC, but now its condition is not good. Also be sure to visit the temples of Hefes, Aesculapius and Hercules in Agrigento.

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