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Hanover is the place where rock legends "Scorpions" began. Of course, this is not the most important thing when talking about the city, which is one of the largest in Germany, but at the expense of worldwide music, this band suggests that Hanover unless it is a large technical and industrial center, then it is a place where music, theater and the opera scene has ever been maintained.

Hanover or Hannover is located in the central southern part of Germany. Hanover is the capital of the German state of Lower Saxony. Hanover covers an area of 204 square kilometers and in 2001 live a little over 500, 000 people. Hanover is also one of the world's fair capitals being that the most popular is "Hannover messe", which is the largest Fair in the world.

The history of Hanover began in the early Middle Ages, somewhere around 12th century. In the Middle Ages Hanover existed as a single Member Kingdom. For the first time Hanover was mentioned in documents from 1150 as a center of trade for the region.

The first known lord of Hanover, Ernst, married a granddaughter of King Jacob I - Sofia. At the time of Napoleon, however, some of the areas around Hannover became part of the Kingdom of Westphalia (1807) and in 1810 almost the whole territory of the Kingdom of Hanover was passed to Westphalia.

Several years later, in 1813, Hanover was again under the management of England - under King George III. In 1815 it became the decision of the Kingdom by the Congress of Vienna, with the participation of all major European powers. Congress aims to address the new device with Europe after the Napoleonic wars between 1808-1812 year. In 1866 Hanover became one of the provinces of Prussia. During World War II the capital of Lower Saxony was heavily destroyed by the bombing and was again restored into a modern city after the war.

Castle Marienburg near Hanover

Hanover is a world with many grand fairs in town. The tradition has been since 1947 that in Hanover every year consists of the fair industry. Hannover hosts the first world's fair in Germany. This is another traditional event for the city, which began in 1851.For the first time such an exhibition was held in London. During this fair in Hanover parties are involved, shows of new scientific, technical and cultural achievements of mankind. The International Bureau for exhibitions based in Paris has set it as the the next host of world fairs.

The tourist tour in Hanover should focus on the many architectural and historical masterpieces as they are evidence of the rich and lush history. The center of the old town is where the old town hall is situated. The architecture of this building is emphasized in Gothic, the town hall itself was built between 1439-1455 years. Close to the town hall in Hannover is the church which was built of red bricks in the 16th century.

Among the interesting tourist attractions in Hanover are many castles, which testify to the historical events in the region of Hanover. Among the most famous and impressive palaces are, Lainshlos, built in the 17th century. It is located in the southern part of the old town in Hanover. It is quite attractive and was renovated in 1832. Castle Herenhaus with its gardens, constructed in Baroque style over an area of 50 hectares, is something you also should see.

Notable for its baroque architecture are the cathedrals of St. Johannes, which was built between 1666-1670 year, and St. Clemens, built between 1711-1718 year. The oldest building is the clerical of the Holy Cross Cathedral as its construction began around 1300.

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