Drakensberg is the highest mountain range in South Africa being 3482 meters in altitude. Drakensberg is also known by the nickname Dragon Mountain. It is located over 1000 km from the south to the north of eastern South Africa. Surrounding the areas are the mountains, Kingdom of Lesotho.

The surface of the mountain is sealed of about 1400 m thick basaltic layer formed on the sand. Most of the composition of basalt rock mass is a result of continental unrest and volcanic activity in the Pre-Cambrian era.

The highest peak is Thabana Ntlenyana at 3482 m. After it is, Mafadi peak at 3450 m, and both are in the area bordering on Lesotho Kingdom.

Drakensberg mountain is an excellent place for mountain tourism, but the best of the beauty should be examined with an air tour over the area. While wandering through the mountain routes you can also view unique flora. Around 119 of them are included in the Red Book of the protected plants. The natural beauty is complemented by descending from the top streams and rivers that have carved beautiful gorges.

Drakensberg in South Africa

Drakensberg Mountain has become a huge open gallery, because there, one can see the unique rock drawings of the people from the San tribe. These residents are left with stone walls covered in over 40, 000 paintings, most of which reproduce scenes of dancing, hunting, battles and scenes from their relationship with the intriguing wildlife.

A curious fact is that this mountain range was inspired by writer, John Tolkien's, The Lord of the Rings.



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