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Temple of Poseidon

Temple of Poseidon

Poseidon Temple was built on the impressive coastal cliffs at Cape Sunion from which offers magnificent views of the Aegean Sea. The rock itself is the most southern point of Attica area, which is located about 65 km south of the Greek capital, Athens.

From this 60 meter cliff at Cape Sunion the panorama of the nearby Aegean islands is really remarkable and if you visit this impressive monument of Greek history, be sure to admire it during the sunset.

Temple of Poseidon

The very temple of Poseidon was built around 440 BC. In its place was a sacred building, but was destroyed by the Persians. The remains of the sanctuary, which today are preserved in the rock are part of the ancient temple, built by architect, Tezeyona. From the impressive building today there are still fifteen columns, however the western part of the pantheon is almost completely destroyed.

Data and much archaeological discoveries show that this area was inhabited for centuries before 700 BC. This Poseidon Temple is mentioned even in Homer's Odyssey as the place where Menelaos stopped on his return from Troy.

The divine figure of Poseidon often lapsed into disputes... One of the most famous disputes in mythology was precisely the dispute with Athens Attica. In a Raging clash of views the Trident Poseidon struck the coast and made a knight, so history reads.

Poseidon had other disputes with Athens Trezen, and later with Hera for Argolid. Poseidon had disagreements with Zeus to Aegina, with Dionysus on Naxos, with Apollo to Delphi, with Helios for Rhodes and Corinth. All of these disputes by Poseidon managed to prevail only in this for Corinth. Ultimately, Poseidon was seen to admit the rule of Zeus. The overwhelming sense of equality between them, however, led Poseidon to resist against Zeus, Hera and with Aphrodite, but without success.

Poseidon is actually the god of the seas and the brother of Zeus. He is second in power after Zeus among all the gods. After the eradication of his father, along with Zeus and Hades, he gets as a reward the seas. About 500 meters from the sanctuary of Poseidon, a small hill is situated northeast of Athens and the temple.

From May to September the flow of visitors to Cape Sunion is greatest.



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