Temple of Edfu

Temple of Edfu

On the west bank of the Nile , between the localities of ECHA and Aswan is the Temple of the supreme god with the head of Falcon - Horus. This is the best preserved ancient temple and is located in Egypt and is the second largest after that of Karnak.

Edfu temple has a really impressive size - height 36m width 79m and length 36 m.

The construction of the temple near Edfu was initiated in 237 BC and was completed twenty years later in the Ptolemaic dynasty in honor of the choir. According to legends, this stone monument was built at the place where there was a mythical battle between Horus and Seth. But the truth is that this is the last of a series of temples built here was completed in the Ptolemy dynasty.

The main building material of the Edfu temple is of sandstone. Before being discovered the desert sands were filed only by pillars at the entrance. However, the time before being fully excavated thieves managed to steal some valuable components from the sanctuary.

The inscriptions on the walls of the Egyptian monument provide important information about the language, mythology and religion during the Greco-Roman period in Egypt.

Temple of Edfu

Before you enter the main part of the Temple near Edfu you can see the porch ceiling is painted with winged creatures of 6 groups. More lies inside the statue of the God Horus, which is 3 m high and ingeniously constructed of black marble.

The main hall is extremely stylish. Everywhere on the walls are paintings and carvings on sand stone. Some have recreated many reliefs showing ceremonial meetings between the god Horus and his wife Hathor. This spiritual sanctuary of Horus is associated with the later temple, dedicated in particular to his wife.

Next is the Hall of the Nile where in ancient times was preserved the holy water that was needed for ritual ceremonies. On the west side of the main temple is an entry in a small hall, a laboratory in which they brewed aromatic creams and potions for spreading the statue of the falcon god, which is engraved on the wall. Recipes for creams are preserved to this day.

To reach the naos in the near Edfu temple , which is the oldest building in the complex you must pass through the hall of offerings. In the most ancient room you will not believe that once stood a 60 cm small gilded wooden statue of Horus, which was regularly bathed, dressed and perfumed by the priests.

5 km north of Edfu you can still see the ruins of one of the seven provincial smaller pyramids built in the valley of the Nile.



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