Tempe, Arizona

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Tempe, Arizona

Tempe is a city located in the territory of Arizona in the USA. It is located within Maricopa County. The population is 161, 719 people. The city owes its name to the Greek passage Tempe.

The city borders the cities of Phoenix, Guadalupe, Scottsdale, Chandler and Mesa. In the city of Tempe is one of the oldest and largest campuses of the University of Arizona.

Thousands of years ago, on the territory that now constitutes the town of Tempe, lived culture Hohokam Indians. They worked the land on which their sawed agricultural crops and even made a system of canals to irrigate the crops. In the fifteenth century they abandoned their villages. Only a few families remained.

At about twenty-five miles from the place where today the city of Tempe is, was built Fort McDowell. The purpose of the fort was to lay the foundations for a new city, which is located near Salt River.

Tempe Aerial View

U.S. troops and Spanish workers were recruited to keep animals and plant crops to ensure food security at the fort. After less than a year a camp was based there, where people first settled the area after it was abandoned by the Hohokam Indians.

Two villages appeared- Hayden's Ferry and San Pablo. The Ferry Situated near Hayden’s Ferry, became a key point when crossing the river. The Tempe irrigation canal Company was founded. They modernized the Indian system of canals to irrigate vast cotton, oats, wheat and other crop plantations.

In 1879 the name was Tempe adopted as one of the residents of the area compared it with the beauty of this passage Tempe in Greece. The two settlements merged to become the modern city of Tempe in those times.

In 1885 in Tempe Arizona, a school was built, as well as the Teachers College of Arizona. Afterwards was built the University of Arizona.

Salt River and Tempe

The railway of Maricopa and Phoenix, built in 1887, crossed the Salt River in Tempe. Thus, the city was connected to the railway system. This led to a sharp increase in the population of the city. Tempe in 1894 received official city status.

To meet the needs of the growing city was built the Roosevelt dam in 1911. It was created to supply the city with water and irrigation for farmers in the valley. President Roosevelt, after whom was the dam was named, predicted that the central cities in Arizona will be prosperous cities in the future.

In the twentieth and twenty first century, Tempe became a center of education and trade. It became a suburb of Phoenix. Tempe is an inner suburb, situated between Phoenix and the rest of the East Valley.

The city has many parks and family houses at the southern end, which are as a counterpoint to the rising in the sky business buildings in the north.



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