Gilbert, Arizona

Gilbert, Arizona

Gilbert is a city located on the territory of Arizona. The city is located in Maricopa County. Gilbert is a town that has grown mostly in the late twentieth century - in 1980 the population was estimated to be five thousand seven hundred people, and now in the city live more than two hundred and eight thousand people.

The town is situated on a territory of one hundred and twelve square kilometres. Of these, only six hundred square kilometres are water, the rest is land.

According to studies based on crime statistics by the FBI, Gilbert is the safest municipality in Arizona. The park of the city of Gilbert was named one of the best parks in the country for walking dogs. It is even called Dog Park.

Gilbert is located on a territory of one hundred ninety-seven square kilometres. The city has experienced a major transformation from a farming community to an urban-type community with a highly developed economy.

The city of Gilbert has a well-developed educational system, the standard of living in the city is quite high, as among its residents are many highly educated and highly paid specialists in different areas - technology, scientific and medical activities, as well as business services.

Gilbert was founded in 1902 by William Gilbert. He secured land for Arizona Railroad, to pave the road between Phoenix and Florence. In 1912 arrived many Mormons who left the Mormon colonies in Mexico. In 1915, they began to make their church gatherings at the school in Gilbert.

Gilbert City received official city status in 1920. At that time it was a city where mostly farmers lived. For many years, it remained an agricultural town.

It was known as the capital of hay due to its high yields of hay. This nickname was changed in the twenties of the twentieth century.



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