Bell Rock

Bell Rock Sedona

Bell Rock is one of the landmarks on the valley Verde, which lies to the south of the U.S. city of Sedona. Bell Rock with Cathedral Rock, which is in close proximity, may be defined as the two most prominent entities of red rocks. Bell Rock dominates the beautiful area of the Valley Verde north of the road Highway 179, the road between the town of Oak Creek and Sedona.

When one looks at this huge red sandstone, we immediately understand where it’s name comes from - from the English bell, that means, a bell. Rock layers are formed Bell Rock just in the form of a giant bell. Bell Rock is the first landmark that visitors can see following the highway 179, which is the main access to I-17 towards Sedona. At the height of tourist season crowds who walk Verde Valley in their desire to explore the Bell Rock or just shoot it, can be really big.

Bell Rock Sedona

Bell Rock is one of the most popular places in which to focus the mystical vortexes (Sedona vortex), which are known in stranger lands. Some magnetic red rocks, native Indians believed, had energy which is so concentrated, it is particularly capable of cure human physique and psyche. The region of Sedona and Verde, the great Native people from Sinagua were bequeathed impressive sights such as the rock caves of the Montezuma Castle, consisting of 5 floors and a total of around 20 separate premises.

Vortices at Bell Rock, some believe are male, female or mixed. This is energy that springs from the earth and concentrates in certain points. It is so strong that it can affect human consciousness and even the physical body. Perhaps because of its attractive appearance, giant Bell Rock is a charming place for thousands of people in 1987 when the so-called Sedona became known for Harmonic Convergence.

Then the city was stormed by 5000 "harmonious souls" of people from across the U.S. - a gigantic figure, considering that in Sedona around 10 000 people lived, then. At night, a flood of people gathered around the Bell Rock in anticipation of any alien manifestation. Although the "cosmic event" has not taken place until today Sedona wins, thanks to the tourist flow that surrounds Verde and the Great Bell Rock.

Like most red rocks of Sedona, the Bell Rock is part of the rock formation Schnebly Hill formation, including limestone and sandstone, the result of precipitation on the bottom of the former sea, which occupied the area millions of years ago. After the waters had retreated, Bell Rock begins to form under the influence of natural forces.

Today the route to Bell Rock (Bell Rock Pathway) is part of the larger Courthouse Loop. For about 10 km before the visitors opened breathtaking scenery of the area, including some interesting rock formations that resemble rabbit ears or a flying saucer. The trail up to the top of the Bell Rock is the route on the south side of the base of the rock. The area is popular among cyclists.



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