Liberty Bell Mountain

Liberty Bell Mountain

Liberty Bell Mountain is a majestic mountain, composed of five peaks, formed in the western part of North America. Liberty Bell is part of the North Cascades mountain range and is listed in the 50 classic mountain climbs of North America list.

The height of the Liberty Bell is 2353 m, and is popular among climbers for the Washington Pass, as well as the popular North Cascades Highway.

The first ascent of the Liberty Bell was on September 27, 1946 by a group of mountaineers including Fred Beckey, Jerry O'Neil and Charles Welsh. The three enthusiasts conquered the mountain route, which is today known as Beckey route. The route up the granite cliffs, which is one of the classic fifties in the U.S, is known as Liberty Crack.

To climb Liberty Bell today, you can use a lot of routes, ranging from the easiest (for non-professionals) to hard rock climbing, like the eastern face of the massif.

Liberty Bell Mountain, North America

The best time to conquer the Liberty Bell is in May, June, July, August, September and a convenient starting point is Winthrop. During the ascent of the Liberty Bell, you can see beautiful mountain lakes, Blue Lake and interesting rock formations such as the so-called Concord Tower.

The closest airport to this mountain is in Seattle. Near Liberty Bell is the North Cascades National Park, through which Route 20 goes. During the journey along the road one can enjoy the wild and raw nature in the area, which can’t be seen in other States.

The maintained trails in the park are quite small and everyone who decides to take on this harsh terrain should be well prepared for at least several days’ worth of adventures. For a week or two you could crawl around the hills. In winter, the areas at the foot of the Liberty Bell can be extremely harsh and even dangerous.



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