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Crowfoot Mountain

Crowfoot Mountain, Banff National Park

Crowfoot Mountain is a beautiful and popular destination for nature lovers, located within Banff National Park in the Canadian province of Alberta. The huge mountain is a collection of three peaks, and in its northeastern part rises the Crowfoot glacier, which in 1959 gives its name to the whole mountain. Between Banff Park and Jasper National Park passes the panoramic Icefields Parkway, which allows for close and comprehensive view of the many glaciers in the region, including Crowfoot.

Crowfoot mountain is part of the system of the Canadian Rockies, and in particular the Waputik Range. The highest point of the whole array reaches 3050 m altitude. The boundaries of Crowfoot fit between Hector Lake north and to the south- the beautiful Bow Lake, to the east is the Wapta Icefield, while at the northern end is the Bow River Valley.

The Continental Divide of America is located just 2 km west of Mount Crowfoot. The picturesque scenic route of the highway Icefields Parkway crosses the eastern part of the beautiful mountains and allows views from different angles to the three Crowfoot peaks. Bow Lake near the highway exit has a panoramic site on the northeastern slope of the Mountain. That is one of the most famous views of the glacier Crowfoot.

Crowfoot Mountain and Bow Lake

Although the glacier is reduced to a third of its ice cap 3 times since 1800, it is still one of the most photographed sights in the Canadian Rockies. Its beautiful figure can be seen on many postcards and calendars in the country.

Crowfoot Mountain is located 32 km northwest of Lake Louise, which is an obligatory stop if you are passing through the territory of Banff. The Massif was formed at the end of the little Ice Age, but because of climate change, with each passing day Crowfoot changes. The first ascent of the mountain was made in 1950 by E. Cromwell.

The Crowfoot Mountain region is a very popular place for outdoor activities. In winter, it is an excellent place for riding a snowmobile and in summer, mountain bike fans have a lot of fun. The service center in Mountain Crowfoot can give you directions for climbing the mountain. The best time of the year to do this is during the summer months between July and August. Sound equipment is needed and a minimum mountaineering experience is advisable.



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