Cradle Mountain

Cradle Mountain

Cradle Mountain is part of the Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair National Park, which is a large territory on the island of Tasmania. The beautiful mountain occupies the northern part of the natural area and is located south of Lake St. Clair, which is the best freshwater lake in Australia.

From the mountain site of Cradle Mountain and throughout the zone are constructed numerous short and longer travel routes that you can walk in that reveal all the beauty of the region. There are many breathtaking lakes as Douv and St. Clair create a feeling of wilderness untouched by human nature.

Cradle Mountain

This incredible nature, however, is accompanied by an unstable climate. In this part of Tasmania the weather is unpredictable, with rain thundering down nine out of ten days, and even summer snow accumulates. The high humidity is due to the multiple trees. Overall, it always stays cold, even though the area is not far from the southern parts.

The first tourist hut in the Cradle Mountain was built by Gustav Uayndorfer who arrived locally in 1910. Two years later his hut was sheltering visitors that arrived here. Today at 80 kilometers long the transition of the park has had built nine houses for tourists. Most of them arrive in the region between November and April. The tour of the park takes around 5 days hiking, which is a challenge for some 8000's tourists going there every year.

Besides hiking opportunities, many visitors arrive near Cradle Mountain to try to conquer its summit or to go water rafting on the Franklin River.

However, the most attractive is the popular hiking route Ouvarlend Truck, which connects the mountains and Lake St. Clair, which is the deepest freshwater lake in the whole of Australia.



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