Wichita is the largest city in the U.S. state of Kansas. It is situated in its south-central part, around the shores of the Arkansas River.

Recently, prestigious media put Wichita in the top 10 cities in the United States that provide the best living conditions.

Wichita has many unique cultural attractions, many of which are associated with local Indians who inhabited these lands. Interesting museums, good restaurants, shopping centers, parks and night clubs attract thousands of tourists to Wichita.

Wichita Indian Center is a museum that reveals the colorful heritage of the indigenous inhabitants of the town. Permanent and temporary exhibition presents the life of the people before and after the arrival of European settlers. The museum is open daily from 10 am to 17 pm, on Sundays the center is open from 13 pm

In the center of town are several interesting sights. Among them is a fascinating cultural center building and the Conventional Arts Center Century II, which recently celebrated its 40th anniversary, Garvey Center, and the tallest building in Wichita and throughout Kansas - Epic Center. In the center of town is the old part of Wichita, called Old Town.

Wichita, Kansas

Orpheus Theatre, built in 1922, the Historical Museum Sedgwick, built back in 1892 and the museum of world treasures, also enjoy wide interest from local visitors and tourists.

The museum of Art in Wichita is the largest museum in Kansas. The permanent exhibition consists of over 7000 works of art.

One of the most visited places in the largest city in Kansas is a large-scale facility called Intrust Bank Arena, which is home to both major sporting events and many concerts, conferences and other events. The arena is located in the center of Wichita. The complex has modern restaurants, shops and various entertainment venues. It is believed that this facility is one of the best in the Midwest. The indoor complex can accommodate over 15 thousand people. There is one of the best sound systems in the world.

Kansas Coliseum, located in the northern part of town also attracts many fans and tourists. It was the scene of many tournaments, music events and entertainment programs. This scene, however, is smaller than Intrust Bank Arena. The capacity of the "Coliseum" is 12 thousand.

The city has an attractive research center. The place is very suitable for family visits. In the complex are available interesting laboratories, research facilities and exhibits, a wellness center, restaurants, gift shops and picnic areas. The complex is open every day except Monday.

Wichita also has a lot more to see. The Botanical gardens, located on the outskirts of the city are home to fascinating plant species. The Garden of Butterflies, Green House and Shakespeare Garden are just some of the exotic attractions of the green zone. The Botanical complex is open from Monday to Friday.

Great Plains Nature Center also deserves special attention. Visiting it, you will have the opportunity to experience the North American prairie. The complex has rivers, streams, lakes and forests. The natural complex is located northeast of Wichita. I is open from Monday to Saturday (09:00 to 17:00).

Sedgwick County Zoo, located northwest of Wichita, is among the most popular outdoor attractions.

One of the best months to visit Wichita is May, when the city center and the old town, hold a colorful festival on river. During the festival, you can enjoy more than 70 attractive events.

In Wichita in the 20s and 30s of last century was founded and today operates one of the biggest world-known companies that manufacture aircraft. Therefore, one of the popular nicknames of the city is "Air Capital of the World."

The city is proud of its local state university, which trains over 15, 000 students.

Wichita was founded in 1870. It is located 252 km north of Oklahoma City, 292 kilometers from Kansas City and 706 kilometers from Denver.



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