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Long Beach, California

Long Beach CA

Long Beach is a perfect destination in California. The city is located in the southern U.S. state, where the Pacific Ocean washes the shores of the glittering city. Often, Long Beach is called "Aqua nation's capital."

Perhaps the largest attraction in Long Beach after the great beaches, of course, is the legendary ship Queen Mary. In 1967, after more than 30 years sailing, the magnificent vessel released last anchor in Long Beach. At Queen Mary, you will learn many interesting details about the historical liner and World War II, during which the vessel is used for fortification of troops. Indeed, the magnificent facility is even greater than another legendary ship - the Titanic, by an entire 60 meters. It is even more interesting that the Queen Mary was the fastest vessel for its time.

On the territory of the ship you can shop, eat and even spend a night in the first class cabins. Furthermore, each year Queen Mary is home to many different events - from car shows to music festivals and celebrations for Halloween. There is always something interesting happening.

In Long Beach is another top tourist attraction - the Aquarium of the Pacific. The Pacific is the largest ocean in the world, and this implies a great diversity of species inhabiting its waters. In the aquarium in the sunny Californian city are housed some 12, 000 inhabitants, representing 500 species. Visitors to the aquarium can see more colourful reefs and touch (literally) some of the more than 150 sharks in Shark Lagoon. You will also have the opportunity to personally feed the exotic species of parrots, plunge into the atmosphere by the ocean’s 4D projection and so much more. Recently the managers of its 13 tanks numbered their millionth visitor. Many media define the place as the best destination for family after visiting Disneyland.

In the Californian city is another interesting complex for sports and entertainment – the Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center, where many events and concerts are held. There is the largest mural in the world. The building by Wyland murals, an area of 11, 000 square meters, is a painted fresco of migrating grey whales and other ocean creatures that can be found around the city.

Long Beach, California

Another busy place is Shoreline Village, where the tourists can have great food, unique shops and a variety of entertainment options. Popular among tourists are the Recreation Park, located in the south-eastern part of the city and the Long Beach Greenbelt.

Long Beach is one of the few places in the U.S., where tourists have the unique opportunity to sail on a romantic gondola, in the canals of the Napoli neighbourhood.

Outside water adventures, Long Beach acquaints its visitors with its history with several notable landmarks. One of them is the Los Cerritos Ranch House - probably the first building in the newly created city. This museum building was built in 1844, by the merchant Jonathan Temple. Another similar attraction is Rancho Los Alamitos, located in one of the campuses of California State University.

The port of Long Beach is one of the largest and busiest in not only the U.S. but also worldwide. It largely determines the prosperity of a relatively small, population of 462, 000, Californian city.

Long Beach is the seventh largest city in California. However, it is one of the most popular places in this state. Long Beach is located only 32 kilometres from Los Angeles and 169 km north of San Diego.



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