Karaweik Hall

Karaweik, Yangon

Karaweik is the name of an amazing floating palace in the form of a swan, which is one of the most glamorous and interesting sights of Yangon. Karaweik, bathed in gold and richly decorated floats on the beautiful Kandawgyi Lake. It is located east of Shwedagon Pagoda, which is probably the most popular tourist attraction in Myanmar.

Lake Kandawgyi literally means "royal" lake and magnificent floating Karaweik Hall has a brilliant finish of royalty, which fills the air in the center of Yangon. Karaweik has a great restaurant and a hall for performances, led by two beautiful golden swans, bearing the splendid pagoda on their backs.

The luxurious royal ship is named after the eponymous mythical sacred bird. It was built in 1972 and since then has been one of the landmarks of Yangon.

The tail of the mythological bird is colored with red and gold paint and is in traditional style. If you look at the head of the Swans, you will see that on the beak always hangs a golden ball.

The Karaweik hall is a highlight in Kandawgyi Nature Park, which is a popular destination for recreation in the area. Besides the beautiful scenery there are excellent conditions for outdoor activities including showrooms for the 10 traditional arts Yangon, various shops, amusement parks, etc. Karaweik place is reserved for ceremonial events.

The huge pagoda-Swan was entirely covered with gold, about 20 years ago. Royal ship was raised on 3 floors, and inside it is composed of 2 lavishly decorated rooms, in which can be seen folk carvings and works of the local crafts. You may even see an authentic weaving machine from ancient times. At the end of one hall, Karaweik has a beautiful staircase.

Karaweik Floating Barge

While on lunch or dinner, Karaweik visitors have the opportunity to enjoy an interesting dance, and instrumental performance. Under the accompaniment of traditional country music, skilled dancers perform their folk dances. The restaurant is quite rich by offering dishes from China, Eastern and Western cuisine.

Overall Kandawgyi park around the lake is popular for diplomatic and business meetings and conferences. Karaweik hall is suitable for hosting larger events such as weddings, big parties, social and business events, etc. Deluxe rooms Lawkanat and Shwewa are designed to serve private and limited groups, while the larger halls Ottara and Dekhina Hall are made for gala events.

The park and the magnificent golden pagoda, led by two swans are available daily from dawn until 22:00 pm. To enter the natural area in the heart of Yangon, you have to pay an entrance fee of 300 Kyats per person, and access to the Hall Karaweik is possible against 500 Kyats. After visiting the lake and its attractions, you can head to the golden Shwedagon Pagoda, which is only 10 minutes from the park.



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