Castle Goodrich

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Castle Goodrich

Castle Goodrich today has failed to keep its integrity greatly. The ruins, which now rise to the hilly area are what is left of the once majestic medieval Norman castle. Stone ruins are located north of the small village that bears the same name, Goodrich, which is located in the county of Herefordshire in England.

Goodrich opens comprehensive views of the passing River Wye and of the border which separates England from Wales, which is located a few kilometers northeast of the fortress.

The first information about the initial appearance of Goodrich dates back to 1101, assuming that the building then consisted of simple walls and a watchtower. When Henry II took the castle in his possession of Goodrich, he made some significant improvements and structures.

Goodrich corner towers were designed by the enviable technology for its time so that the main walls were to maintain stability in its massive attacks.

Interesting is the Great Hall of the castle, whose dimensions are about 65x27 feet. It was linked by several smaller rooms and a small chapel or "solar room". Access to the chapel where they rulers prayed, is accessible only from the Great Hall, but not by the yard.

In its history Goodrich passed into the possession of many kings, counts and personalities. Around 1740 it was sold to Admiral Thomas Griffin. Today the castle is under state custody and is open to visitors year round.

Here you be a guest on one of the organized special tours, during which you can learn about the exciting past of castle Goodrich. On the last floor you can see two original windows retained and some preserved ornaments from the top floor.

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