Gwalior Fortress

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Gwalior Fortress is a sacred place of worship. The ancient center is located in northern India, in the Madhya Pradesh state, about 120 km from the city Pradesh in the south. In the past, this historic city was the capital of several ancient north Indian principalities, which has remained to this day a unique interesting architecture. Most impressive are the several palaces built in the famous castle of the same name.

Gwalior has a stronghold of one of the most ambitious goals and is even frightening across India. It rises to a high scale and is surrounded by massive walls. There are some buildings that were built in different historical periods, because over the centuries there have been a few seats from the northern Indian kingdoms. Because of its strategic location in the area it is now located in Maharajpura air base.

Gwalior Fortress

Fortification of the walls were hewn from the rock, then following were the giant stone statues of the Jaini people who have reached enlightenment. Inside the Gwalior Fortress are several historic architectural treasures. Mansingh Palace occupies part of the internal courtyard. Its unique exterior features an interesting ensemble of decorative tiles. Furthermore it is quite interesting that Gujarat Mahal was built in the 15th century as a symbol of love. Gujarat Mahal Palace is now even become a historical museum.

Unfortunately, the ceiling of the large scale palace hall is beginning to disappear, but you can still see the remains of 12 columns. Centuries ago, this room was one of the most beautiful ceremonial halls in the world, its style is taken from the Islamic culture.

The town can be reached by plane, train or bus. The capital of Delhi has Gwalior flights, but they are not very regular. It is best to travel by train because the old city is well connected by rail with all major Indian cities. Gwalior from the capital can be reached in three hours by fast train.

The best time to visit during the year is September to November, February and March. Gwalior is known for its extreme temperatures as thermometers show in the summer it is possible to reach around 47 degrees but winter is very cold.

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