Sigiriya Fortress

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Sigiriya Fortress

The ancient fortress of Sigiriya is a historic town with beautiful gardens, which is raised as a unique temple and palace, surrounded by solid walls. Sigiriya Fortress is located in the central province of Matale in Sri Lanka.

This is often called the eighth wonder archaeological monument of the old world and rightly so. Architectural masterpieces of art are surrounded by greenery and water bodies, creating an incredibly beautiful panorama of the place.

The fortress of Sigiriya was built on steep granite rock standing at about 370 meters from the lowest point. Surety for it’s mason, King Kasyapa who reigned during 477 to 495 AD, the construction is from the most informative and a good model for archaic Asian city. Furthermore, here were discovered the remains that were exciting to witness the incredible engineering skills and knowledge of hydraulics in the urban structure of the fortress.

The massive structure was built in the form of a lion. Some time ago the main entrance was in his mouth, but these days his whole image is destroyed and in ruins, having just his feet left. Higher up the slope are huge statues of young girls, colored in bright hues. Overall, the gardens and foundations have incorporated in them one of the oldest historical monuments of the world. Sigiriya is precise because it is a monument of world heritage by UNESCO.

The complex containing a beautiful city, ponds, fountains, temple and a palace, was built with geometric precision. Today, however, Sigiriya fortress is largely in ruins, but you still can see the interesting remains of the royal throne and pool.

The water garden at Sigiriya fortress is particularly impressive given beforehand the techniques that were used to build it. It is complete with a system of drainage, equipment for cooling and nice and beautiful decor that did stay there perfect.

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