Murol Castle

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Murol Castle

Since 1958 the castle Murol has been included in the list of historical monuments of France. This magnificent medieval castle is located in the French region of Murol which is located in the Auvergne region which includes the department of Puy de Dom.

The first fortified building at this place was built in the 12th century. The castle itself was built on a dominant hill over the Basalt. The end result is an impressive fortified structure, which can only convey a sense of dominance and deference.

Castle Murol was built as a last stronghold of the genus Murol and its main purpose was to ensure the safety of passing lanes in the area. Since it has a perfect view of the very nearby town. The In 14th century, Guillaume de Sam took the second stage of construction of the castle Murol and the king built a second chapel, east of the buildings and the city wall.

In the 15th century the castle was distinguished by its pomp and lavish decoration and just before the 16th century a huge wall with two massive watchtowers were also constructed. At that time Murol was in possession of the D'Estaing family. Jean D'Estaing decided to refine the fortress and built inside its beautiful Renaissance building. Later the palace was abandoned.

By the time the Cardinal de Richelieu took a mass demolition of castles, Murol was "pardoned" by similar fate thanks to the prestige of the D’Estaing.

The castle was saved from destruction during the French Revolution, and became the hiding of prisoners and refugees. For many years the huge stone walls and dungeons of Murol was used as a prison and later as a quarry. In the 19th century it was donated to the region of Murol and since then has full ownership.

Today the castle has become a major tourist attraction of the area. After a solid reconstruction in recent years the inner courtyards of Murol has been witness to re-enactments of the Middle Ages. Visitors to the palace have seen organized special battles, celebrations and special actors that translate the original scenes in medieval costumes.

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