Ruthin Castle

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Ruthin Castle

Ruthin castle is an attractive medieval castle located in the county town of Denbighshire in North Wales. The castle was built in the 13th century by the brother of Prince Llywelyn II – Dafydd. It was built on a red sandstone hill, from which you gather magnificent views of the nearby Clwyd valley. The castle was built exactly for the purpose to have direct control over the lower lands.

From the top of today, the castle has a meandering ditch, which probably indicates the presence there of an earlier Norman castle. However, the first written evidence of a fortification of this place was given by King Edward in 1277, when he then called it fort Ruthin. The reddish hue of the stone walls of the castle can be seen today.

In 1277 the construction of the palace complex consisted of a fence wall that was erected on a lot higher than ground level outside the walls. This is pronounced on the north side of the castle Ruthin, where the land is inclined towards the surrounding river.

The opposite side had dug a large deep ditch and the military construction, which is attached to the elevation of the castle is characterized by the very powerful walls, which in practice can not be destroyed during the siege.

Over the years the castle was twice enlarged and strengthened by its new owner Reginald de Grey. In 1282 and again in 1295, he reconstructed the castle, building the main portal locked between two towers and another 6 round watchtowers and the north tower included within itself a smaller one. They were painted by the famous architect at the time, James of St George. The swing bridge over the river leads to the main gate of the castle Ruthin.

During the Civil War the Ruthin castle suffered serious damage. However today its ruins are included within the luxury hotel. Castle Ruthin during the early Middle Ages, became famous for it’s lavish banquets which were organized beyond its walls.

To a large force the banquets remain true till today, because in the halls of the castle there regularly weddings are conducted. Guests are offered the opportunity to see the dungeons, the former pool of torture and many more interesting places in the castle Ruthin.

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