Skokloster Castle

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Skoklosters Castle

Skokloster Castle is an amazingly beautiful palace complex, located near Lake Mälaren, which is located just a few miles outside the city in Uppland County in Sweden. This fantastic baroque palace is one of the emblematic monuments that have remained in the country from the time when Sweden was one of the most powerful countries in Europe.

Skokloster is located between Uppsala and Stockholm and is today one of the main tourist attractions of the Nordic countries. Built between 1654 and 1676 Skokloster can not betray current at the time it’s baroque architecture. As the owner of the palace - General Carl Gustaf Wrangel, died in 1676 at Castle Skokloster which remains unfinished.

As evidence of this today you can visit the palace and in particular the banquet hall, which still remains as it was during that year of death of the owner - even the tools that the builders worked with still lay in the hall. They left their jobs as soon as the death of Wrangel occurred because they were worried that there will be no one to pay their labor.

Today inside Skokloster you can see the amazingly preserved and authentic other rooms of the palace. They look as they have looked for more than 300 years. Wrangel and the other owners of Skokloster were collectors - collecting military accessories such as, armor and weapons, books, silverware and cloth textiles and some artifacts from South America. Everything in the castle Skokloster has been left as it was in the late 1700’s.

With this huge variety of authentic items and art objects, Skokloster is the only palace in Europe that can offer its visitors such a wide exposure of the 17th and 18th century. The luxurious and lavish baroque halls still have the collections of china, beautiful paintings, crockery, glassware and interesting baroque furniture.

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