Duart Castle

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Scotland is a land where you can see some of the most interesting medieval castles in Western Europe. The emblematic Edinburgh Castle and Stirling Castle seems to remain in the shadow of the ancient Duart Castle.

Duart Castle is situated on the east coast of the Scottish island of Mull, close to the Torosay Castle. The name Edward comes from the Gaelic - "Dubh Ard" which translates as "black fortress".

Duart Castle

The stone fortress stands high on the rock of the island and was considered as a security guard in one of the most important sea routes in western Scotland.

The naturally defensive Duart Castle was probably reinforced from the earliest times. The fort was quite stable because the attacks had kept the Vikings out for 800 years.

Stone fortress Duart dates from the mid 13th century and was probably built for the MacDougalls clan. At the end of the 14th century the medieval castle became the seat of MacLean. At that time the residential tower of the castle was added.

The family left the castle in the second half of the 17th century, when deciding to relocate to the Treshnish isles. After this period, Duart became the property of the government and for several years the troops could be found there.

For more than a hundred years the castle Duart fell in ruins until it was bought and restored from 1911 – 1912 by Sir Fitzroy MacLean. Today the Duart Castle offers many historic values and objects of the MacLean family.

Among the most remarkable facilities in Duart are the kitchen, banquet hall, sea room and many other bedrooms.

In a large winding staircase, visitors can climb up the stairs, which provides an entire heritage of Maclean and in particular the military chiefs of the genus. To walk in one room there is like returning to the real battlefield. The dungeons have real figures of prisoners from the Spanish Armada, which are lying closed in the dungeons.

Visitors to the Duart Castle today have the opportunity to touch the greatness of the military past of the fortress by guns, military equipment, weapons, etc., which are set out in the palace. In Duart there is a souvenir shop and a small tea room where guests can relax after a tour of the castle.

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