Amiens Cathedral

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Amiens Cathedral

Amiens Cathedral is one of the most valuable examples of Gothic architecture in Europe. This magnificent temple is situated in a prominent place in the French city, the area around which is famous as "the color valley of France". Amiens is located in the north, almost halfway between Paris and Belgium. It is situated on the river Somme, 55 km southeast of its acquisition of La Manche. The whole area around it is cut by channels that interweave as a network.

The total length of channels in Amiens is 55 km. They are dug by the Romans centuries ago and are now protected by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Besides the cathedral of Amiens, the French city is known for its many other religious monuments.

Amiens Cathedral is dedicated to the Holy Mary. Also known as Notre Dame d'Amien, but most people just call it the cathedral of Amiens. It is the largest Gothic cathedral in Europe and one of the largest Gothic churches in general.

Its height reaches 112 meters, its length is 145 meters. Ceiling height is about 42.3 meters and the width of the temple is about 14.6 meters. For comparison, Chartres Cathedral is 37 meters high and Reims Cathedral reaches 38 meters. Since 1981 the cathedral of Amiens is included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites.

Amiens Cathedral was originally built in 1152 in Romanesque style and burnt in 1218 as a result of lightning. Reconstruction began in 1220 and was completed in 1245. The inside of the cathedral of Amiens was reconstructed in the period 1238-1269.

The south tower was built around 1366, and the north tower is finished around 1401. Even today, majestic Gothic architecture of the temple remains unsurpassed. Together with the cathedral in Chartres and Rheims, the cathedral in Amiens formed the sacred trinity of French churches, voted as "High Gothic" and "Classical" in the 13th century.

The architectural plan of the temple in Amiens is similar to other medieval Gothic cathedrals, including Notre-Dame in Paris. Visitors today have the opportunity to climb the west tower to the roof of the cathedral of Amiens and enjoy the spectacular views over the French city.

The central portal of the church in Amiens is known as the Beau-Dieu Portal/Last Judgment Portal.

Top to bottom it was covered with religious scenes depicting the resurrection of dead people, saved and damned, apocalyptic son of man with two swords coming out of his mouth, etc. The portal on the right side of the west facade is dedicated to the Virgin Mary who is patron of the cathedral of Amiens. The portal on the left side of the west facade is dedicated to St. Firmin (Portal of Saint Firmin), first bishop of Amiens.

Along with Christmas, from 1 December to 1 January, the cathedral in Amiens is illuminated by an incredibly beautiful light show. Evening brings real magic of shadows, lights and music. The show lasts 45 minutes, gradually illuminates the sculptures on the west facade of the cathedral.

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