Cities in Germany

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They say that the weather in Regensburg is often quite poor, variable, and one does not know what to expect. Statistics do indicate that most of the suicides in Germany are in this part of the country. Whether there is a...
The hometown of genius Albert Einstein - Ulm fascinates visitors with its beautiful romantic atmosphere. Along with fine sharp-roofed buildings and impressive cathedrals, the city creates comfort for its guests thanks to...
Konstanz is located in one of the most southern points of Germany. The picturesque town bordered by Switzerland. The town is famous mostly for its rich history and impressive churches. It is assumed that the first inh...
Siegen is located in western Germany. It is situated around the river Sieg, the center of Siegerland - a picturesque area, rich in beautiful hills and valuable [minerals]. The 100-thousand populated city is one of the...
The green City Wuppertal will amaze you with its unexpected entertainment. The city is located in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It is situated in the Ruhr area, along the river Wupper. They say that at any point in...
Seaside town Kiel is one of the most interesting places to visit in northern Germany. It is the capital of Bundesland Schleswig-Holstein. The port city is located in a small bay between the Baltic and North Sea. Th...
Darmstadt is the embodiment of the synergy between different architectural styles and performances. Due to the fact that it is there that annual international construction exhibitions are held, it turns Darmstadt into a ...
Jena is a fascinating combination of rich historical and intellectual background, attractive landscapes, innovative productions and turbulent student life. These differences create a unique atmosphere, giving the small b...
Augsburg is one of the oldest settlements in Europe. It was founded more than 20 centuries ago, where the beautiful rivers Lech and Wertach merge. The antiquity of the city is anchored in its name, coming from the name o...
The German city of Duisburg is the largest river port, not only in Europe but also worldwide. It is located around the area where the Ruhr River flows into the [Rhine]. The city is best known for its brewing tradition...
Freiburg is one of the most remarkable cities in southern Germany. Whether you're planning to explore the historical and cultural landmarks, or just spend time in one of the great restaurants and bars in the city Freibur...