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Chesapeake is a city with a status of independent city located in South Hampton Roads in Virginia.

Chesapeake is a young city, it was formed in 1963 by the political consolidation of the city of South Norfolk and county Norfolk, which dates from 1691.

Chesapeake is a city that has a distribution of both urban areas and farms, forests and swamps. Chesapeake is the third largest city in the territory of Virginia, with a population of 222 209 people.

County Norfolk whose formation took place back in 1691, includes areas that became a later point in Norfolk city, Portsmouth and South Norfolk. All these cities expanded by adding new territory, after 1871.

The conversion of the former independent city in the county seems an appropriate form to stabilize the borders with neighbouring towns to cities, so they do not take each other's territory.

City of South Norfolk received independent city status in 1922.

However, the possibility still existed that it be swallowed by one of the major cities close to it. The creation of the Chesapeake was the wave of structural changes in local government in south-eastern Virginia between 1952 and 1975.

The territory of present-day Chesapeake was home of the Chesapeake indins. They are experienced with hunting and gathering fruits and roots. Archaeologists found in Chesapeake other evidence of their culture, including arrows, stone axes and pottery.

Chesapeake's past is with deep colonial roots, characteristic of Virginia. Here was enacted the Battle of Great Bridge, in December 1775. The outcome of the battle was removing Lord Dunmore from the colony of Virginia.

In the eighties and nineties of the twentieth century, Chesapeake was as contemporary urban space, and also farmlands. During the nineties, Chesapeake has significantly grown in terms of business and industry. This naturally led to changes in infrastructure and it became a center of attraction for many families rushing to the city, offering new opportunities.

Chesapeake became famous in 2003, when in the area is carried out the first terrorism trial of a minor - Lee Boyd Malvo. He was accused of a terrorist attack carried out in 2002.

The seventeen year old criminal would get the death penalty, but jurors replaced it with a life sentence without appeal. Jurors in the city of Virginia Beach were not so lenient and sentenced his senior partner to death .

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