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Darmstadt is the embodiment of the synergy between different architectural styles and performances. Due to the fact that it is there that annual international construction exhibitions are held, it turns Darmstadt into a beautiful village, which includes very magnificent buildings bearing the spirit of antiquity and dynamism.

Although the village has been inhabited since the 11th century, the formal status of Darmstadt as a city is received in the early 14th century.

Darmstadt is located in southwestern Germany, in Hesse. An interesting detail of the city that it, unlike most cities, in Germany is not located near a river, lake or beach. At the expense of natural attractions, Darmstadt compensates with exquisite architectural attractions.

The Technical University of Darmstadt is one of the emblems of the city. The world-famous educational institution was founded in 1877, the University has pioneered the study of certain subjects, without which today we would not be the same. It turns out that it is in Darmstadt Technical University for the first time the world started to study electrical engineering.

Darmstadt Forest Spiral

The center of the 140000-strong city is a lively and colorful place. The square is called Luisenplatz. There lies the admirable tower, erected in honor of the First Duke Ludwig. The building is 33 meters high and is one of the characteristic sites of Darmstadt. Around it rise large office and commercial buildings, designed in modern style.

One of the most striking buildings on the southwestern German city is the castle, also located in the city center. Over the centuries it was used for the residence of the various rulers of Darmstadt. Today the building serves mostly a place where lectures of the Technical University take place. The castle houses a museum where you can learn interesting details about life and management of the Dukes.

Matildenhoehe and Wedding Tower in Darmstadt

As already mentioned, Darmstadt is one of the German cities that are developing innovative architectural styles. Among the most notable buildings are the Rosenhöhe, Mathildenhöhe and Hochzeitsturm, also known as the tower with five fingers.

Perhaps the most memorable architectural landmark of the city is the complex Waldspirale. The buildings are the work of talented Austrian architect Hundertwasser Ridensrayh.

The buildings are truly unique, combining modernity and return to nature in their forms. Almost every window and floor of the residential complex has its own unique solution, and radiance. The Austrian artist rejected traditionalism and established rules for housing, his views on how it should look- the modern buildings are really unique.

A true masterpiece of art is St. Mary Magdalene Church, known as "Russian Chapel".

On the outskirts of town is the Frankenstein Castle, built back in 1250. From the 18th century, however, the fortress and its two towers crumble. Today the ruins of Castle Frankenstein are one of the most visited places in Darmstadt.

Around town is a beautiful botanical garden where you can find some species of vegetation.

If you are visiting Darmstadt in July, you will most likely become a participant in one of the most attractive German annual festivals, Heinerfest. About 700, 000 people each year participate in the colorful street festival.

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