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Riyadh at night

Riyadh is the capital and largest city of Saudi Arabia. Once a small fortress town, Riyadh today has evolved into a dynamic modern metropolis. The Arab capital is among the fastest growing and promising cities in the world.

In translation the name means "gardens", this is because the city is located in the Green Valley Hanifa. Moreover, capital has many parks and recreational opportunities in nature.

Riyadh combines old and modern buildings, which give a unique aspect of the Arab capital.

The city has many attractions. Among them is the Masmak fort. It is located in the so-called old city center of Al-Bathaa. Hardness plays an important role in the history of the city. It was built around 1865 by clay and adobe bricks. The castle is composed of massive walls and four watchtowers. In the fort itself is a mosque and a fountain of water. The interior of the fortress was built with corridors created in a maze. Today the site serves as a museum, which exposes ancient weapons, uniforms and other artifacts.

In Al-Bathaa is the Museum of architecture and history, and the palace Murabba, which is also a museum. Nearby is the beautiful building of the judiciary. Interestingly, that is where the governors meet with their constituents, listen carefully to their complaints and problems and deal with the local population. The architecture of the court building is also a perfect combination between traditionalism and innovation.

The area Olaya is considered by many to be the heart and soul of Riyadh. The modern area has everything - hotels, restaurants, amusement parks, business centers and multiple shopping centers.

The next attractive area in Riyadh is the Diplomatic Quarter or DQ. There are many residences of foreign ambassadors, the headquarters of many international organizations, as well as several attractive malls. The territory of the embassy district has lush gardens and numerous sports facilities.

In the embassy district is a unique modern building called Kingdom Center. Taller than 300 meters, the building is the largest skyscraper in Saudi Arabia. The charm of the massive building is in the architecturally interesting triangular oval hole, which creates a very interesting type of building.

Another architectural masterpiece is Al Faisaliyah Center, which in turn is the second highest building in the Republic. The building is 267 meters high and has a very interesting pyramid shape.

They say that in Riyadh you can find everything, as long as you are willing to pay the price. In the capital of Saudi Arabia in general prices of goods sold are high. Council for tourists is to obtain everything you need to not have to look hard to find items.

Food traditions in the Arab capital not be compared to anywhere else. Social constraints do not allow women to attend their own restaurants. An obligatory condition is that they are accompanied by their spouses. In the restaurant are several rooms - one to eat men, other women and a third room is designed for families who are separated from the eyes of friends and strangers. The traditional meal in Saudi Arabia called Saudi , you can find it at every suburban corner.

The population of the capital of Saudi Arabia has nearly 5 million people.

Riyadh is located 250 miles southwest of another remarkable city - Dammam.

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