Conwy Castle

Conwy Castle in Wales

Conwy Castle by any standards is one of the greatest fortresses of medieval Europe. Conwy with Harlech Castle are perhaps the most impressive among all medieval palace complexes on the territory of Wales. Both forts were built on the arrival of the English King Edward I using the work of his chief architect James of St George.

The difference between the palaces, however, is visible - while typical of Harlech are many stories, it surpasses Conwy with its eight massive towers and high walls of fence, which can not but impress and arouse admiration for the genius of military construction. Conwy is surrounded by the still existing medieval city wall, like a Caernarfon Castle, whose fortifications, however, are smaller and get lost in the modern city.

Conwy Castle is located at the entrance of the Welsh town of the same name, located on the north coast of Wales. The beautiful medieval fortress stands on a hill, and its impressive swing bridge connects the palace with the rest of the peninsula. It goes back many years and is still a major part of the transition towards the castle Conwy.

Edward I began construction of the conventions in 1283 as one of its key strongholds in the so-called "iron ring". The castle was completed in 1289 which by then it had become the best fortress built by the English monarch. Conwy appears on the site of an earlier fortification, built by Henry III. To build such a massive palace he used about 1, 500 workers and stonemasons.

The total amount spent by Edward I for this conventional construction is estimated at £15, 000, which equated to 2010 is equal to £163 million. This automatically brings the huge conventional castle in the first position, as the English monarch did not moisture much money into any one of the fortresses in Wales between 1277 and 1304.

Conwy Castle

Today, almost every part of the castle is well preserved and accessible to public visits. You can climb on top of a tower and see the beautiful views of the city and the coast and the picturesque quay. The castle Conwy is open for walking to any part of its structure. The furnishing of its interior is no less impressive than its facade. Be sure to look at the Great Hall, Royal Hall and dungeons.



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16.05.2011 23:28
I am doing a project for school about this castle. This is probably the most remarkable castle i`ve ever seen. Most people don`t know this, but the moat was not intended by Edward. His trusted (or so he thought) friend built it overnight when the king was in battle! Just thought I`d put that out there.

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