Ostrog Castle

Ostrog Castle

Ostrog castle is located in the Ukrainian town of the same name, which is located in the historic area Rivne Oblast. This city is considered the cradle of Ukrainian culture and one of the oldest settlements in this part of western Ukraine. Ostrog castle is interesting as it is located along the Horyn River.

The town itself Ostrog is first mentioned in historical texts in 1100. For almost three centuries, the castle was the residence of the noble family Ostrotzky, who give the Ukrainian nation famous military leaders, music composers, and civil engineers .

Ostrog Castle

The first evidence of a strengthened building in this area in Ukrainian was after the Tatar invasion in 1241 when the Mongols raised to the ground the Ostrog original fortress. The ruins of the fort were later rebuilt by Prince Daniel Ostrotsky dynasty, which became the palace ruins of an earlier fortress.

Since then most of the parts of the palace have suffered damage or have been conducted. However Ostrog castle to this day retains its medieval architecture. The fortress itself was built in the 14th century on a relatively low elevation with an oval slant top.

The geographic location of the field has helped to facilitate fortification and strengthening of the Castle Ostrog. The south and east side of the fortress was raised on 20 meter cliff. Meanwhile, the northern and western countries gave the city a series of trenches, which replace the big parade.

Today the castle is in ruins, dating from between the 14th century to 16th century. There are four main structures that enter the palace complex of Ostrog. One is a watch tower which today is a museum of the castle. The second part of the structure of the castle is Ostrog Church and the third major building is the new Belltower, which was built in 1905.



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