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Crazy Horse Memorial - Black Hills

Crazy Horse Memorial - Black Hills

Crazy Horse Memorial is a future contender for the title of the highest monument on earth. Crazy Horse Memorial is actually a huge monument, which is still under construction. The place where you can see this huge rock in the figure is called, Black Hills in the U.S. state of South Dakota.

The monument depicts the Indian Soldier Oglala Lakota, who is a horse and pointing triumphantly and indomitable forward with his left hand. Although Crazy Horse is still in the finishing process around it has excellent tourist facilities and an organized center, which welcomes tourists. At the memorial complex Crazy Horse, you can also visit the interesting Indian Museum and Indian Cultural Centre.

Crazy Horse Memorial - Black Hills

The territory of the ridge itself is formed in the Black Mountains National Custer Park, which is a protected area between Mount Rushmore and National Park, Wind Cave.

For most the easiest way to get to the park and its biggest attraction - Crazy Horse is better to land at the airport near Rapid City. From there to get to the park you need to get on the interstate, highway number 90 or the highway, Nidals.

Memorial monument, Crazy Horse is considered to be the fifth in the Black Hills after images of former U.S. presidents. The huge monument is carved on Thunderhead Mountain, which is located between Custer and Hill City.

This area is considered sacred by many indigenous inhabitants of the area. Memorial monument with Crazy Horse is located about 13 km from Mount Rushmore itself.

Work on Crazy Horse was launched in 1948 and author of the project was Korczak Ziolkowski. The entire complex is inspired by the idea that Indians are great warriors and that they have a huge contribution to American history.

It is envisaged that after completion of Crazy Horse, the memorial was to become the face of all Indian cultural complexes, including the University Medical Center for training Indians of North America and Museum, about the history of North American Indians.

The monument is still far from complete, but when Crazy Horse is completed it will become the largest sculpture in the world with its 200 meters height.

The memorial is entirely non-profit, funded by government. At the start Ziolkowski was offered 10 million dollars but rejected it. He feared that state intervention in the project would prevent the further development of the Indian cultural complex.

Anyway Ziolkowski died in 1982 and Crazy Horse was transferred to the foundation of his wife and ten children.

Completion of Memorial Crazy Horse has no fixed date. At present the figure of the chief is ready and work is being done on the image of the horse. The facade side of Crazy Horse was completed and officially opened in 1998.

Indeed, the object height is 172 meters and has a width up to 195 meters.The height of the head of the chief is 27 m, while the images of the four American presidents reached only 18 meters.

Today at the Museum of the North American Indians is a very rich exhibition of Indian relics and articles. This exhibition is considered one of the best and biggest which can be seen worldwide.



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