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Sanssouci Palace in Potsdam


The shining palace built in the unique model of Versailles, near the French capital Paris, is the castle Sanssouci. palace Sanssouci is located in Potsdam, which is located only thirty miles from Berlin. Incredibly beautiful and neat, the palace Sanssouci is one of the architectural pride of Germany. In translation from the French name, Sanssouci means "without care".

The Palace was built by order of King Frederick II the Great, who wanted the castle as a place to escape from reality and to be absorbed in his favorite activities - reading and music.

In 1745 the foundations of the palace Sanssouci were put in place. The project was taken on by architect, Georg von Ventseslaus Knobelsdorf, who had a complex task to construct the magnificent summer residence of Frederick II the Great. The palace was finished as acquired in 1747.

The construction of the "carefree castle" was intended to demonstrate the power and majesty of the country.

Sanssouci Palace

The whole ensemble of the palace and gardens were the subject of the favorite style of Frederick II the Great - Rococo as externally and internally. Sanssouci was built only on one floor and today is one of the most impressive castles in all world. Sanssouci is particularly attractive with its facade of yellow mortar. Characterized in terms of architecture with high arches, windows, and there are six large terraces with lush vegetation of orange trees and vines.

At the entrance of the palace itself is a huge decoration representing the sun. A total of 12 rooms inside the castle, all of which are brilliantly decorated and furnished with authentic furniture. Today, before visitors can enter the chambers of the king, they must wear slippers of soft cloth designed to protect the marble flooring.

All of the exterior is decorated in the respect of many valuable paintings and furniture. Among the most impressive spaces in Sanssouci is the marble hall. Within the palace you can also see the Art gallery, which is among the most beautiful and impressive museums in Germany.

Sanssouci Palace in Potsdam

One of the main objectives of Frederick II the Great, when he ordered the erection of the castle was to construct a place to store all his valuable pictures. A total of 124 works of famous artists such as Caravaggio, Rubens, Van Dyck and many others are exposed today in The Art Gallery of the palace Sanssouci.



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