After Berlin and Hamburg, Munich is the third largest city in Germany and hosts one of the most happy and enjoyable festivals in the world - Octoberfest.

Largely Octoberfest is like a postcard advertising Munich and increasing popularity of cities worldwide. Octoberfest is carried out in the autumn in this German town in the foothills of the Bavarian Alps. Over 6 million visitors flock the festival with tourists not only from Germany but from all over the world who go to this worthy most popular beer festival with due caution.

Octoberfest is considered the most popular folk festival in the world as a worthy competitor attendance of Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. The largest beer festival in the world – Octoberfest, has already got venerable traditions as to this day every year in late September millions of Munich guests begin to fill the streets in anticipation of the start of Octoberfest. This beer noisy procession starts in September and ends in October each year.

The archetype of today's Octoberfest celebration represents magnificently the wedding of Prince Ludwig of Bavaria to Princess Theresia von Saxony-Hildburghausen, in which case all the citizens of Munich were invited to the lawn in front of the City Tower, to drink a cup or two of health to toast the newlyweds. Since then the tradition Octoberfest is observed each year. Sometime during the Octoberfest in Munich it crosses under the sign of the equestrian events in the area around the city known as meadows Teresa.

At the outset of the Octoberfest meadows Theresia beer was not sold there. However, little by little, the sale of alcohol and food gradually was allowed. The first beer halls appeared there only in the late 19th century. In the 19th century entertainment includes climbing trees and running with your feet in sacks. In 1880 Octoberfest was highlighted for the first time with lights. Twelve years later the Octoberfest occurs the first pint glass, which are distinguished by size.

Huge mugs of beer are everywhere in the Octoberfest. Typically they hold a whole liter of beer that is specifically local German production. Brewers prepare specifically for Octoberfest beer that is locally from Germany. This type of liquid is known as quite strong, having produced only from the local master brewers.

The history of Octoberfest tells how in 1980 during the celebration there was a bombing that killed 13 people and injured 200 others. A more happier fact is that at the beginning of Octoberfest it was celebrated like it is today with tons of beer and it began in 1896 when local businessman started working with unknown brewers. Large tents were stretched and early beer fiesta is placed.

Octoberfest in Germany

Today, Octoberfest attracts millions of tourists from around the world who are rising in Munich, especially for the event - to drink beer and listen to traditional Bavarian music.

Official statistics indicate that for nearly a month in Munich during Octoberfest, people drink more of the 6-7 million liter mugs of beer. Along with a beer, during the Octoberfest around 400, 000 to 650, 000 sausages and chickens are eaten. The other beer appetizers include tones of sour cabbage and macaroni with cheese.



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