Stratford upon Avon

Anne Hathaways House in Stratford upon Avon

When talking about the genius, William Shakespeare, you can not overlook the birthplace of this legendary poet. In the spring of 1564 in the town of Stratford upon Avon was born the English master of the pen today, the cultural history of the town is marked by the creative way of the poet.

Stratford upon Avon is located in the southern English county of Yorkshire and is situated on the river Avon, hence its name. Around the city areas are known as Stratford on Avon and must be differentiated from the town.

Shakespeare's birthplace is located about 35 km southeast of Birmingham and just 13 miles southwest of the district center Warwick. That portion of Yorkshire can be reached without a problem, as the most convenient transportation is by train, bus or car from Birmingham and Oxford.

Stratford upon Avon

There are many places to see in the area where the great poet grew up, studied, created and to admire the surrounding natural beauty and historic sites in Stratford upon Avon an average of about 3 million visitors sight see a year. For most tourists the tour starts well with the artist's life, today in the town operate a total of five museum buildings.

The Tourist Tour departs from, Nashs House, which was the home of Shakespeare’s grand daughter. From there you pass to the garden, which acts as a commemorative site. Once, there was the very home of the English artist in which he lived until his own death in 1610.

An impressive building, Hathaways Cottage, is considered the most beautiful house, which is associated with the life of the author. It was the ancestral home of his wife, who belonged to the Hathaway family. The facade of the building is unique with its thatched roof and the interior is full of furniture from the 17th century

His house in Stratford upon Avon also fascinates, and there, Shakespeare's daughter Susanna lived with her husband. Be sure to visit the great carved beams and the external Harvard House building, which dates from the 16th century. This was the home of the mother of one of the founders of Harvard University - John Harvard.

The church, Holly Trinity, was built in the 13th century and by far made Shakespeare himself and his family well. As guests of the city you are required to visit some of the three theaters of the Royal Shakespeare Company, which are also in Stratford upon Avon.



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