Kilchurn Castle

Kilchurn Castle

Kilchurn Castle is the authoritative fortified premises located in the northeastern end of Loch Awe, Argyll area in Scotland. The current state of Kilchurn does not broadcast the dignity of the once imposing building. Although the ruins and surroundings are quite attractive for lovers of beautiful scenery and historical landmarks.

The ruins of the castle Kilchurn stand today on a very small island amidst Loch Awe. In this place during 1450 the foundations of the palace had been laid. The island is slightly larger than the actual size of the Kilchurn Castle. Some historical sources claim that the castle was accessible only by submarine or a bridge from the shore. However, evidence suggests otherwise. In 1817 cleaning was taking place at the bottom of the East Lake and photographs clearly show that there is no connecting bridge between the castle Kilchurn and shore.

Kilchurn Castle

In 1681 Sir John Campbell settled in the castle, he received the title of the first Earl, Earl of Breadalbane. His main task in 1689 was to take advantage of the turmoil of the local rulers. He paid most of his time to the castle Kilchurn making it the stable in barracks, holding about 200 soldiers. At that time, the building in the northern part of the fortification was built and re-shaped.

In 1760 Kilchurn Castle was badly damaged by lightning, and then was completely abandoned. Nowadays it is under the care of the association responsible for the heritage of Scotland and the ruins of the castle really do merit Kilchurn. Most interesting is that this 15th century building looks different from every viewing angle.

The Kilchurn Castle buildings are in stark contrast with the massive medieval tower on the south side of the fortress which was also injured in the destruction of the significant lightning. After that it hit the top part of the tower and fell into the courtyard. If you see a live view of the still standing stone piece, you can get an idea of the real grand scale of impact.

Lake Loch Awe is one of the most pleasant places for recreation in Scotland. There are well secured tourist bases, and pretty good conditions for sports such as fishing, swimming, etc.



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