Peles Castle

Peles Castle

Peles Castle is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful palace complexes not only in Romania but also across Europe. This masterpiece of architecture is located in the mountain town of Sinaia, which is situated 44 km from Brasov. Castle Peles was erected in the Romanian region of Prahova County, in the Carpathian Mountains, amidst the medieval road connecting Transylvania and Wallachia.

Construction of the Peles Castle started in 1873 by order of King Charles I, and was completed 10 years later in 1883. The project involved the Viennese architect Wilhem Doderer. The work was stopped for one year between 1877 and 1879 due to the war.

Castle Peles

In its 160 rooms you can see some of the best examples of the European fine art. Today the castle Peles can be reached by the meandering stone paths, covered with stalls from which you can buy various souvenirs.

For construction of the castle Peles stone blocks, wood, brick and marble were used. The style of Peles underlines the German Renaissance, but also the Gothic motifs, German Renaissance, German Baroque and French Rococo style architecture can all be sensed.

Peles is surrounded by seven amazing sunny terraces, from which offers magnificent views to the nearby valley. All are decorated with statues sculptured by the Italian novel. Addition to the beautiful sculptures there are imported stone wells and ornamental vases. Particularly impressive is the brilliant Peles decor for its many wooden ornamental decorations, both exterior and the internal halls.

The inner courtyard is also very beautiful with its sculptures and paintings. Inside Peles has several interesting rooms, like the living room, whose decor is varied with paintings and wood sculptures. Apart from this room are the very interesting Turkish room, French room, Moorish hall and the concert audience.


Long Peles Castle is not only a unique museum, but the subject of long litigation between the heirs and relatives of the former Romanian King. The special Commission of Jurists to the Romanian Parliament, after being briefed on numerous archival documents, concluded that only the former monarch could claim ownership of the castle.

Thirty million of compensation to Peles Castle was to be paid by three equal annual installments, the first was to be made within 30 working days from the enactment of the law. Peles Castle was revoked by King Michael in 1948.



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