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Ballinacarriga Castle

Ballinacarriga Castle

Ballinacarriga Castle is an ancient fortified building located in the western Irish county of Cork. The ruins of Ballinacarriga are beautifully situated on a hill, located halfway between Dunmanway and Ballineen, as the castle is about 8 km from Dunmanway. From the high rocky hill to the castle is a splendid view of the Ballinacarriga Bay. The southern stream can be seen running from the title lake flowing into the river Bendan.

Ballinacarriga Castle has an interesting name that literally translates as, castle on the rock. The palace has a special charm because of the flow that goes under the picturesque bridge and the walls of itself Ballinacarriga. In the days of the rise in recent centuries, this stream was used for irrigation purposes of the fortress.

Ballinacarriga square tower is one of six levels and was built in 1585, or at least that is the official date that shows it exists in historical sources. Perhaps, however, this place had a previous castle dating back quite a long time. It is believed that Ballinacarriga castle was the last possession of the McCarthy family before the property was passed into the hands of Hurley. In 1654 the family of Hurley sold the castle to the Krofts.

Today the top level of Ballinacarriga has maintained its religious carvings that make experts think that besides being the living space, this space was also used as a chapel. In 1815 within the fortress was built a new chapel and then at last is begand to be used for religious purposes.

On the second floor of the castle you can see the beautiful porthole representing a woman with five roses. It is believed that she is actually a wooden reincarnation of the wife of Randall Hurley - Katherine and the five roses symbolize their five children.



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