Aggstein Castle

Aggstein Castle

Aggstein Castle is one of the most attractive castles in the region of Wachau. Although surrounded by ruins, Aggstein Castle broadcasts real dignity and medieval splendor. The castle was built on a cliff on the right bank of the Danube. In Austria this crumbling palace is known as Burgruine Aggstein.

Aggstein Castle, along with The monastery of Melk offer a great panorama of the city Durnstein. Along the Danube near Durnstein are the most popular traits with which one can connect to the beautiful area of the Wachau.

Aggstein Castle

The dominant figure of the Aggstein Castle from its high and steep cliff is covered with thick forests and is a truly inspiring sight. Today, on the edge of the rock there is a wooden fence, but in the past Aggstein Castle was never secured by retaining walls. Prisoners who were lying in it, did not have much of a choice but either to die of starvation in the dungeons or jump off a cliff because there were no other options.

Aggstein Castle was erected in the distant of the 12th century. Its stone walls stand about 300 meters above the Danube, having been built straight into a massive debt cliff of 150 meters.

In 1181 the Aggstein Castle was family owned by Kuenringer, who was a dynasty of famous rebels. In 1230 the family was leading the rebellion against Duke Friedrich II.

Aggstein Castle Ruins

Then, for a period of time the status of the family were questioned, but later they managed to regain their property. Kuenringer lead a rebellion again and this time it was against Duke Albrecht I. Between the years 1295-1296 Aggstein Castle was again captured by the enemy, but still the family managed to get it back.

The last heir of the dynasty owns the castle until 1355, then it was left to the arbitrariness offate . In the 15th century the then Duke gives the Castle to Georg Jörg Scheck von Wald, which had the task to take control of the transporting vessels on the Danube.

Over time, Von Wald was becoming more corrupt and turned into violent felon. He frequently abducted for ransom hostages and kept them locked in the tower, which he ironically called "rose garden". Even today local people know and tell stories about it.

Just a few years after 1477, the Aggstein Castle was looted by Turkish troops during the first siege of Vienna in 1529. In the following centuries the palace lost its military significance and changed many owners.

In 1930 Aggstein Castle was purchased by Count Oswald von Seilern-Aspang, as to this date his family owns the property. Aggstein Castle attracts about 55, 000 visitors annually, making it one of the most popular attractions in this part of Austria.



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