Laudegg Castle

Laudegg Castle in Ladis

Many people define the Laudegg castle in Ladis as one of the most beautiful in Tyrol, Austria. Castle Laudegg is the largest tourist attraction of the small holiday village Ladis, which is located in the southern part of western Tyrol. Today the castle is privately owned but is open for tourists.

The medieval castle Laudegg castle dominates the picturesque Tyrolean lands from its high and steep cliff. The fortress is located in part of the village and if you want to feel the medieval atmosphere of the local history, you should go to visit Laudegg.

Laudegg was built in 12th-13th century but the Great Hall of the castle Laudegg was built later.

Until the 16th century the castle served as the administrative center of the Supreme Court. As the castle, and most buildings in Ladis they are characterized by the authenticity and like most of them you can see beautiful murals and paintings.

Ladis is a village that feels like a village rather than a modern resort which, is one big advantage over all other complexes, which are located in this world ski area of Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis.

Tyrolean Castles - Laudegg Castle

After the 16th century, Laudegg castle was doomed to destruction as it was abandoned and began to erode. The condition was preserved for centuries, until World War II when in 1940 the overall restoration began.

After visiting castle Laudegg you can safely indulge in other pleasant activities for a vacation in the holiday village of Ladis. It offers perfect conditions for sports and outdoor tourism and there are good trails for biking, hiking, motor driving, etc.

From medieval times onwards Ladis was known for its mineral springs and healing as it was extremely rich in sulfur. The most famous spring is known as "Oblader Sauerbrunn". The first hotel to be built at this place was built back in 1833.

However, it was destroyed by fire in 1872 and today in its place is a guest house and a spring where everyone can fill up with the healing water. If you want to buy it bottled, you will find it under the name "Tiroler Sauerbrunn".



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