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Rappottenstein Castle

Rappottenstein Castle in Lower Austria

Rappottenstein castle is an imposing medieval castle, located in Lower Austria. Rappottenstein is a small market town, situated in Zwettl, close to the confluence of the rivers Great Camp and Small Camp in the Waldviertel region.

The impressive medieval castle was erected in the 12th century to defend against attacks within the already existing settlement. The massive construction of the fort managed to withstand many attacks over the centuries by the ordinary villagers, the Danes or Swedes.

Rappottenstein Castle in Lower Austria

Rappottenstein remains unstuffy or damaged as a result of the attack. This explains why the fortress was preserved until today in an extremely good condition and it is a wonderful example of both Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque architecture.

In fact Rappottenstein architecture is considered an object of great historical significance because it has managed to preserve important elements and motifs, especially from the Gothic era.

Rappottenstein castle was raised first in the early 12th century by the Kuenring family but by the 16th century the fortress was expanded so much that t consisted of five courtyards and as many as seven entrance gates. Until today the castle is an excellent example of medieval defensive structure.

The fortification reaches a height of 30 meters. In the southern part of the complex there is the so called, Romance pipe. Gothic architecture can be seen best in the beautiful chapel in the castle which was built on two floors in the middle of the 15th century. Particularly impressive is the sanctuary of this historic temple.

Among the interesting historic buildings of the castle are the brewing, preserved arcades in the western part, two towers and the entry gate. The castle was once accompanied by a drawbridge. The brewery was located in the first courtyard of the complex, where you can see the interesting stained glass window.

The portal of the second courtyard was the chief for the entire castle as it was the main portal in 1548. In the third courtyard of the complex are located the tank farm buildings and a tower, which probably served for storing supplies.

The remarkable Gothic chapel of the castle was actually built in 1379 and the shrine itself dates from the 15th century. The chapel, which is a treasure of the Gothic era, was restored in 1947. In northern Rappottenstein you can see the beautiful terraced garden, and the clock tower.



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