Beseno Castle

Castel Beseno near Trento

If you want to experience an exciting medieval journey within Italy, Beseno Castle is the place you should visit. The massive medieval fortress has recently been restored and is considered the largest feudal castle in the whole Italian Trentino region.

If you're headed for the city of Trento, from the road one can not help but notice the large complex of Beseno Castle, erected on a tall hill. To reach the entrance of the castle you must go through the picturesque woodland for only a few minutes before your eyes will open up to you the giant facade of Beseno.

Castel Beseno was built around the hill of the local valley and is located midway between Trento and Rovereto.

The first written documents mentioning the fortress dates from the 12th century when it still belonged to the Counts of Appiano and serves as the residence of an aristocratic family Da Beseno.

Beseno Castle in Italy

The entire complex was built in an extremely convenient and strategic location, and from there they had easy control over the entire valley and major communication routes.

In the coming years and centuries, the castle is witness to many quite turbulent historical moments. In 1470 the castle passed into the hands of the Counts Trapp, who were members of a noble family from Styria associated with the Austrian emperor. Shortly thereafter a fire broke out and it was necessary for restoration of the complex and Mad to take place, thus turning it from a medieval castle into a pleasant residence.

In the 16th century the reconstructed activities of the castle provoked it to have the charm of a beautiful Renaissance palace. After being successively owned by the family Castelbarco, Beseno Castle then belonged to the Trapp family from 1470 to 1973.

After this date as a result of failure by the family to maintain the the fortress, Beseno Castel was given to the Autonomous Province of Trento. Municipal authorities have fully repaired the castle and turned it into a museum. Regulary within the fortress are held various celebrations and medieval festivals.



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