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Kastelbell Castle

Kastellbell Castle

Kastelbell Castle is an amazing castle in Italy, which is now known primarily for art and exhibition businesses.

Picturesque Kastebell is located in the Italian region of Kastelbell-Tschars and dominates from a high and steep cliff on the left bank of the river Adige. Indeed, the cliff is not very high but is dangerously steep.

Kastellbell Castle

This is why over the centuries the southern protection of the castle is a natural one, but the northern side from the mountain had to repeatedly be built, improved and restored to ensure its safety. The natural beauty is a painters delight.

Kastelbell Castle is first mentioned in 1238, but historians believe that it existsted in this place long before that date. Most likely the castle was built by a nobleman from the Montalban family. After 1200 the powerful noble family lost their positions after a confrontation with an army from Tyrol, who eventually won control of the castle.

In the following centuries the castle changed owners very often. In 1531 the castle became the rock of the family Hendl. They were responsible for the most significant architectural changes and stylistic restorations of the time, which to this day remain as a feature of the architecture. Besides being largely restored, the Hendl family greatly expanded its scale.

The old fort was built exactly in the middle of the land and was much smaller compared to the present. Today the castle has managed to retain much of the authenticity of 16th century. The length of the castle is about 70 meters and 30 meters wide.

Fires in 1813 and in 1824 seriously damaged huge the structure and the Hendl family managed to repair some buildings to ensure they had a place to live. The rest of the castle remains neglected.

In 1956 Kastelbell Castle became state property. After years of litigation between Italy and the Hendl family, the castle is redeemed back to the family for a sum of 16 €. Today the castle holds seasonal and permanent exhibitions of art, such as the works of Herbert Boeckl, Grasser Karl, Brunner Joseph and others.



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