Enisala castle

Enisala Castle in Romania

Enisala castle today is reminiscent of the once powerful medieval fortress that guarded the stranger Romanian trade routes. Deep in the ruins, Enisala dominates the surrounding area from its natural hill in the municipality Sarichoyska, the Romanian province of Tulcea. It is located in the central part of southern Romania, the castle and Enisala is one of the most interesting tourist attractions in the area.

Heracleea Fortress, Castle Enisala dominates Razim’s beautiful lakes (Lake Razim / Razelm) and Babadag. Stranger lands are part of the Dobruja field – everywhere one discover picturesque views of even fields, covered with green grass and numerous waterways. The settlement Enisala in Turkish is known as the New Village.

Enisala Castle in Romania

It is believed that the Enisala castle dates back to the late 13th century when the medieval structure was built by the Genoese, or by the Byzantines for control of passing lanes from here. The architectural plan of the fortress was opaque with four-high towers. Today only one is preserved.

Atypical for palaces in the region of Dobrudja, the six-tower can be seen in other fortress around. They were three in number and say that the builders of the Enisala castle , had not been strangers, and from Western Europe.

Ottoman invaders managed to capture for the first time Enisala between 1388-1389 year. During 1416-1417 years, the palace was again in Romanian hands when here for a short time passed Wallachian prince Mircea the Elder.

In 1417 the Turkish army led by Sultan Mehmed I, take control of Enisala and give the name of Yeni Sale. At the end of 15 century the fortress was gradually abandoned because trade in the area with salt no longer plays a special role and trade routes were abandoned.

At present the area of the Enisala castle is one of the best places in Europe to monitor the birds. Here, undisturbed, you can see white-fronted and Red-breasted Goose, terns, waders, pelicans, herons and warblers that live mainly around the lakes.

Around Enisala you can visit. Enisala Safari Village, located about 300 km from Bucharest, as well as a museum which is housed in a fisherman's house. At the exhibition of the museum you can see beautiful colorful tapestries and objects of Romanian folk art.



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