Armadale Castle

Armadale Castle in Scotland

Armadale Castle is known as the home of Clan Donald (Donalds) to the Isle of Skye. Many believe that part of the Scottish Highlands is the most beautiful natural site across the country. Armadale Castle today has sunk in ruins, but it is beautifully surrounded by a huge park with scenic greenery of the peninsula Sleat, in southern Isle of Skye.

In the initial years since its construction, Armadale was owned by McDonald clan, but this is entirely related to the history of Clan Donald. Today Armadale has an interesting museum which tells the story of Scottish nobles.

Beautiful park around the ruins of Armadale stretches the whole 40 acres. The way to them is through the beautiful bay, whose waters sparkle in shades of blue at different times of day. Here is one of the highest points of this peninsula, Isle of Skye - Knokke Armadale.

Climbing the hill reveals in front of visitors stunning views of the whole area and the sea. The hill is covered with reddish grass, which some say can be seen only here. Slate peninsula itself is often described as “a garden on the island of Skye”.

The property of Armadale extends over 8, 000 hectares. Clan Donald is established here in the 15 century, when its property is located a few kilometers from Armadale, castles Dunscaith and Knock, and situated in the northern part of Sky were Duntulm Castle. Donald became owners of Armadale around 1650. The palace was not ever a battle fortress, but was used primarily as a residence.

The new Armadale Castle was built around 1790, when the archetype of today's park is built around the palace. The complex was impressive and demonstrated the wealth and wasteful lifestyle of the nobility. In 1815 construction of Armadale is extended by the architect James Gillespie Graham.

In 1855 fire destroyed much of the original house, which was subsequently replaced by this structure, the work of architect David Bryce. In 1925, Clan Donald, moved into a mansion and leaves Armadale the arbitrariness of fate.

Since 1971 in the estate section operates conservation heritage of Clan Donald, and Armadale has become a tourist attraction. Although surrounded by the castle ruins can still be used not only for public visits, but also for weddings and other celebrations. Part of Armadale was restored, but the estate retains the romantic aura of a half-destroyed castle.

In the park around the castle are built nice paths to walk. The museum is located in clinging to the main building structure.

The museum has a library and study center. Visitor Center Armadale gives all the guidelines for an enjoyable tour of these beautiful Scottish lands. The complex operates a restaurant, housed in the restored stables of Armadale.



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