Hadrian's Villa

Hadrians Villa - Villa Adriana

Hadrian's Villa is an outstanding archaeological complex of classical buildings created in the second century by Roman emperor Hadrian. It combines the best elements of the architectural heritage of Egypt, Greece and Rome, Collected in the form of ideal city. Hadrian’s Villa is located in the region Tibur, which today is actually a beautiful place Tivoli, the mountain is located quite close to Rome. 1999 Hadrian’s Villa is included in the UNESCO list of world historical and cultural heritage sites, because of the unique model of best architecture of the Roman Empire.

Hadrian’s Villa can be considered as a great and unique outdoor museum, occupying a total area of 300 acres. The entire complex is filled with representations of buildings favorite of Emperor Hadrian of Rome to Egypt. Hadrian’s Villa is invaluable especially in that it is a masterpiece that uniquely brings together the highest expressions of material culture of the ancient Mediterranean world.

Moreover, Hadrian’s Villa and study of the monuments, which belong to it, played a huge role in the rediscovery of the elements of classical architecture by the architects of the Renaissance and Baroque. Buildings in the complex are an example and a model for many architects, designers, 19 and 20 century, inspired by styles of Hadrian’s Villa.

Villa Adriana near Rome

Hadrian’s Villa was built in the early second century, the emperor's residence, where he loved to walk when they want to leave Rome. The lovely complex is something that has no equivalent anywhere else in the world and has historical heritage of the Old World. Hadrian’s Villa is stunning harmony and symbiosis of Lakes, Fountains, libraries, baths, temples and gardens. In fact, Emperor Hadrian hated his palace on the Palatine Hill in Rome, which led to the emergence of this architectural complex.

After the death of Hadrian, the villa continues to be used by his successors. After the fall of the Roman Empire, however, Hadrian’s Villa was abandoned and began to progressively lose its unique brilliance. In the 16 century Cardinal Ippolito II d'Este even afforded to take much of the marble statues of the complex to use them to decorate his villa, Located nearby.

Today Hadrian’s Villa is a wonderful place that is ideal for holidays and for picnics. Everywhere there are scattered fragments of columns, set amongst olive trees and cypresses. The building to the parking lot of the complex you can see a model of the original architecture of the buildings in Hadrian’s Villa. The most important buildings in the Roman park are signposted, and several have been partially restored and reconstructed.

One of the most impressive buildings of Hadrian’s Villa is called Marine Theater. It is a circular pool with an island in the middle, surrounded by columns. It is believed that this "island" which was accessible only by means of a drawbridge, was used by Emperor Hadrian as a place of solitude where he was given his two favorite forms of entertainment - painting and architecture.

Hadrians Villa

Wealth of Hadrian’s Villa today includes the remnants of the former theater, Greek and Latin library, two bathrooms, large rooms for guests and staff of the palace and formal gardens with fountains, statues and pools. On the other side of Hadrian was philosophy and in the gardens of the complex had a special reproduction of the academy where Plato lectured his students. In Hadrian’s Villa there were duplicate Stoà Poikile - a beautiful colonnade in Athens. It is located in the central square by the big pool. Near it is the Hall of philosophers, which probably was once a library.

One of the most ambitious architectural reproductions in Hadrian’s Villa was Canopus - sanctuary of the god Serapis near Alexandria. Hadrian ordered original Egyptian statues to be transported for the decoration of this temple. Underground throughout Hadrian’s Villa was built a reconstruction of the underworld of Hades, Consisting of various passages tunnels connecting different parts of Hadrian’s Villa.



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